Imagine a system in which you can set goals and then track your progress toward those goals over time. Timecap helps you here. It’s a time management app with a couple of features I’ve found really useful for my own time management. It’s available for both Android and IOS. In addition to the typical features found in time tracking applications (such as the ability to sync with Google and add tasks to your destination list), Timecap also adds a new function that will help you limit the amount of time you spend on several activities at once (for example, you can set a daily limit on how long you can spend on unproductive tasks in one sitting or you can set a weekly limit on how long you can spend on unproductive tasks).

You can create trackers for activities that help you:
– read more books
– finish that brilliant idea of yours
– spend more quality time with your family
– work on your creative skills
– exercise more
– meditate
– have more energized and productive mornings
– limit the time spent gaming
– … or anything else you want

How Timecap will help:
✔ Individual tracker for all of your activities
✔ Visual way to track your progress
✔ Useful reminders when coming short to reach your goals before each period ends
✔ Useful notifications about reaching your limit

Download Timecap at Google Play Market.


Tinygain helps you develop and track routines and habits. You can design one yourself or discover the ones in the catalog to get most out of your life. It’s software designed to make it easier than ever to adopt a healthy routine that adds years to your life. Life is full of routines and habits that can take years to form. Sometimes habits are hard to form because they’re so new, but Tinygain helps you discover routines by encouraging you to write down whatever happens as your new habit. It creates habits for you automatically. Then you can develop them by tracking how much you have progressed each week.

Here are some examples of routines that have already been developed using Tinygain:
– lose weight
– have more energized and productive mornings
– have a better sleep
– appreciate your life more
– be happy
– have more effective workouts
– become more successful

How Tinygain will help:
✔ You have complex tasks you do daily and you want to make fewer mistakes.
✔ You want to develop a habit but always quit after a couple of days.
✔ You want to have a productive morning routine that gets you started for the day.
✔ You want to make yourself more effective and focused
✔ You want to find a good workout routine

Download Tinygain at Google Play Market.