Timecap: Track your time goals and limits

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Timecap helps you to limit the time you waste on things you would like to avoid. A way for you to create time goals for activities you would like to do more of and to track the time you spend on unproductive things. You can create limits and goals for any period you want. Be it a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

You can create trackers for activities that help you:
- read more books
- finish that brilliant idea of yours
- spend more quality time with your family
- work on your creative skills
- exercise more
- meditate
- have more energized and productive mornings
- limit the time spent gaming
- ... or anything else you want

How Timecap will help:
✔ Individual tracker for all of your activities
✔ Visual way to track your progress
✔ Useful reminders when coming short to reach your goals before each period ends
✔ Useful notifications about reaching your limit