When you’re working on a habit or goal, keeping a careful and continuous log can be a crucial step. This is what our Tip Tap Apps team does. Before we start working on a new habit or goal, we want to know the purpose and general shape of the project. This helps us stay on track throughout the process. This also helps us understand how deep we can go into detail when crafting ideas for our habit or goal. Our focus groups and user research helps us determine exactly what type of habit or goal we want to create.

Feedback About Us

There are a handful of mobile apps that assist with various tasks. Tracking time is one of them as is being able to reduce your stress level by scheduling tasks on your schedule. There are a couple apps I’ve tested that offer time tracking and have been quite popular among my friends for this aspect. TipTap Apps is one such app developing team that offers its users valuable services and tips for helping them improve their lives.

John Pilmenski, a customer.

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